Our Philosophy

We build trusted relationships. We focus on building trusted and lasting relationships with entrepreneurs who are building the enterprise IT infrastructure of the future. 

We take a long term view. We have respect for the entrepreneurs, we deeply understand the challenges they face and the risk they take. We take a long term view and are supportive partners both in good and in difficult times. We are open and honest under any circumstances.

We challenge conventional wisdom. We do not ask entrepreneurs to fit in a box. We challenge conventional wisdom and seek to understand each situation from diverse perspectives. We do not guess - we analyze and take informed risk.

We have high conviction. We get deeply involved with each company we invest into and look to contribute in meaningful ways throughout their journey.

Our Investment Focus

Enterprise IT infrastructure. We exclusively invest in enterprise IT infrastructure companies in areas such as data & cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence & machine learning, software development tools and cybersecurity.

Early stage. We typically make our first investment at Seed and Series A and support our portfolio companies on their entire journey.

Focus on Europe and Israel. European and Israeli research universities and engineering talent have a long track record of producing transformational innovation. We believe that some of the next generation's leading IT infrastructure companies will be built in Europe and Israel.

Global ambition. There are no local winners in IT infrastructure. We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs who have global ambitions from the beginning.

Unique and defensible technologies. We are looking to back teams building products with unique and defensible technology advantage and clear focus on significant customer pain points.

Our Approach

Active partners. We bring a combined 34+ years of venture capital investment and technology experience to the table and look to contribute in a meaningful way in and outside of the board room.

Go-to-market focus. Beyond sharing our own experience, we connect our portfolio companies to potential customers, strategic partners, industry experts, executives and other investors in our global network of ecosystem participants.